Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review: Hatha Class in Pure Yoga - Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Lackluster Class
Attended a 50 minute Hatha class. There were about 20 students in Studio #6. "Pranayama" was for 20 minutes. Then came one round of sun salutation. Each side had a hip opener and hamstring stretch thrown in so the one round took about 10 minutes. Then plank, side plank and bakasana, held for 10 breaths each. There was a smattering of half moon poses. Bridge and a short savasana ended the class. The vibe suspiciously felt like an aerobics class.

The teacher was kind and considerate throughout the 50-minute practice. Originally thought he would take the no touch-no liability approach but towards the middle part of the "pranayama" he did the rounds of adjustments until the end of class.

Swanky Facilities
Excellent facilites. Manduka black mats provided in all the rooms. Check out the amigas having a bit of gossip with a harbour view at their side. Wonderful retail outlet with Lululemon, Zobha, Beyond Yoga and Manduka. They have a well-stocked book and DVD wall. Wish we had locker and shower room facilities like this in Manila.

Should have spent the HK$300 drop in rate on dimsum

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