Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yoga Speak

Ever had an unintelligible conversation with a yoga enthusiast? Or ran across a vague status update about the moon? Or a cryptic tweet mentioning Mercury? 

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Just like any other group, yogis and yoginis have developed their own slang. Can you decipher these phrases? 

  • That's so not yoga - That's pretty messed up
  • It's a moon day tomorrow. Let's party! - Yoga holiday tomorrow. No need to wake up early and nurse a hangover while practising
  • Mercury is in retrograde - I won't be meeting my deadlines and my tardiness is due to the current planetary alignment 
  • My biorhythms are off - I'm PMSing 
  • Yoga is all about the breath - I'm not interested in how many reps you did at the gym

Namaste! :)

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