Monday, January 10, 2011

Yoga Knickers

I have long wondered what the best yoga undergarment (for ladies) is. Seamless boylegs? Athletic thongs? Good old cotton panties? Or how about just going au naturel?!

Folks, this is serious business. VPLs aside, the wrong foundation garment can make or break your practice. Who wants to be readjusting their nether regions in between poses?

VPLs. Image from

I can't say what the best yoga undie is out there. But to help you choose, here are some (embarrassing) lessons I've learned throughout the years...

Lesson #1 - Mid waisted knickers peek out of yoga pants during Paschimattanasana. I now stick to undies that ride low on the hip. 

Lesson #2 - Yoga pants tend to become sheer in poses like Padangusthasana and Padahastasana. Wearing similarly colored undies and pants can help avoid this peekaboo boo-boo.

Lesson #3 - Thongs can be surprisingly comfortable in practice. You just need to choose the ones with comfortable seams

Some good options out there: 

Lululemon lovers can keep their LLL frenzy alive by using these high-performance Technithongs ($16.00 from Lululemon online)

Lululemon Premium Technithong Image from

Zobha has a wonderful boyleg undie that is both comfortable and virtually invisible under yoga pants. Look for them in Certified Calm (P845.00)

Zobha Boyshort Panty. Image from

Check out Victoria's Secret's Bare Ultimate Hiphugger. These super smooth hipsters come in a wide range of colors to complement your yoga outfit.  (3 for $30.00 at

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