Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yogi Toes

Every time I go in for a pedicure, I have to endure my nail technician's look of horror.  "Miss, what happened to your toes?!"

To be precise, my big toes and the underside of my feet are not Vogue cover material. Daily practice has skinned the area beneath my toes and callused the balls of my feet. There was even a time when I had skinned right through to raw skin <ouch!>. 

Feet in Kurmasana. Photo courtesy of Manuel Ferreira
Walking on cut skin forced me to find a solution. I started taping my toes.

The trick was finding a tape strong enough to keep together during jump-throughs yet flexible enough to roll with my toes during transitions from Chaturanga to Upward Dog to Downward Dog.

Found Cramer Athletic Tape while randomly browsing through a sports store. Started using them, and 6 rolls later my toes have regained some of their former skin layers.

Taping up before practice. Photo courtesy of Manuel Ferreira

For those in the US or with easy access to international shipping, Cramer Athletic Tape can be found in Sports Authority. ($5.99 for a 2-pack)

* Ran out of Cramer Tape. I went into Toby's and found Kindmax Sport Therapy Tape (Php 395.00). A little flimsier but works just as well.

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